21 Days – My media-free attempt and a new pet

Meet Mr. Krabs, my new pet! Mr. Krabs likes to climb…a LOT. He likes to dig holes. He also has only 1 claw. But despite his finding nemo syndrome, he makes people very happy. See? My dad is smiling. Goodness knows the last time we’ve seen that. SO I’ll admit, I wasn’t originally planning on getting a hermit crab but after trying (and failing big time) to convince my parents to get a puppy, I moved on to something slightly smaller – a guinea pig. And when they told me that there would be no rats allowed in the house, I was crushed and replied with something along the lines of “but some of my friends have babies, why can’t I have a guinea pig!!!” I thought it was a pretty convincing argument but unfortunately, I was so very overruled. Still, I persisted until I could not persist anymore. We had a very lovely family dinner that night and there was not a single mention of pets.

The next day the parentals were out at a party and so my sister and I went to play. I know an opportunity when I see one and this, my friends, was an opportunity to knock 2 things off my list. We ventured to petco to look around, not exactly intending to make any new friends. Instead, we planned on pulling the perfect prank. This:

This, THIS is the picture I texted to my mom while she was out yesterday. The caption? “Meet my new buddy!” Within seconds I got a very angry text back asking if I bought it. I did not respond right away. Instead I was distracted by something else. A very attractive little crustacean with a frog painted on his shell. We fell in love instantly and I knew that he would be coming home with me no matter what it took. We decked out his container with some rocks and obligatory spongebob squarepants toys.

Pet? CHECK! Prank? CHECK! If you’re wondering how my mom eventually responded to my July fools joke, it wasn’t very good at first. But then I told her it was all a joke so we made up. Now we all love Mr. Krabs so I call this a win!

Last but not least was my failed attempt at going 24 hours media-free. Last night I decided that today was the day that I would attempt the unthinkable. Here were my rules:

  • No phone
  • No internet
  • No radio
  • No TV

Sounds easy, right? Let me just tell you, IT AINT EASY. This 21st century girl made it a grand total of…wait for it…3.5 hours. No need to clap louder, I can hear your cheering from miles away. Many might say that it’s pathetic but I truly just believe that this is the life that we live. We are connected with media from the moment our cell phone alarms wake us up in the morning to the moment we turn our kindles lights off to fall asleep at night. It’s just the way we are and the anxious twitch that I developed around mid-day taught me that. It didn’t help that I was looking forward to reading this recap from last night’s Bachelorette finale. Eventually I did. Now here I am blogging like the champ I am.

Here’s the score for all those keeping track:

  1. Start writing a book
  2. Have a mocktail party
  3. Cook a 5 course meal (no cheating)
  4. Get a pet
  5. Eat ice cream for lunch/dinner
  6. Watch a season of one of my favorite cartoons
  7. Dye my hair
  8. Play a prank
  9. Start learning a new language
  10. Be in a reality show
  11. Write a letter to my future self
  12. Confront a fear
  13. Go 24 hours media free
  14. Buy a pair of SUPER high heals … and successfully wear them without falling
  15. Get a massage
  16. Learn a dance
  17. Go to a drive in theater
  18. Take a class in something I’ve always wanted to do
  19. Figure out my family tree
  20. Complete a scavenger hunt

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