21 Days – One week and a 5 course cooking, hair dying, terrible dancing, ice cream eating extravaganza

I don’t know how a week has gone by without me posting about my progress. Actually I do know how. It’s called 2 jobs and a birthday combined with the lazy hazy days of summer. But it’s OK because now I get to write a super post packed with tons of fun stories.

Let’s start with the first one. See that picture up there? That’s me with my newly colored hair! Here’s my old color just in case you’re curious (my momma’s there on the left!). It’s the color I was born with and it was the color I’ve been rocking for the last 20 years. Well, 19 if you count the years that I spent as a bald headed baby. I’m so so so happy with the way it turned out. I went to a stylist because, let’s face it, it would have been a disaster otherwise. Three cheers for non-fluorescent hair!!!

Alright, moving on. So next on the docket was to cook a 5 course meal. Seeing as it was my mom’s birthday this week, it was optimum cooking time. Though it wasn’t dinner as I had originally planned, it was still 5 “courses” and it was a rather giant meal! Has anyone every had a 5 course breakfast? Well, maybe. But I’m sure it wasn’t quite like this. Naturally, there were eggs, hash browns, and bacon. There were also these little numbers:

CAKE BATTER FREAKING PANCAKES. I saw the recipe a while ago on one of my favorite sites but hadn’t been able to nail down an occasion to make them. Needless to say I found one and let me tell you…they were oh so good. Click here to treat yourself to something extra delicious tomorrow morning.

Now that we’re on the subject of food, I also replaced one of my meals with ice cream this week. Because it was so very much needed. Anyone who was in the northeast….or the USA in general…..should know that this week was a notch above unbearably hot. I’m lucky enough to work in a building that doesn’t know the difference between an air conditioner and a freezer. However, I still do like to get out for lunch. Which means walking all the way across the street and up a hill to my car. On Wednesday I planned on grabbing something to bring back to the office but made it about half way to my car (in other words, in the middle of the road) when I realized that I needed ice cream. I needed ice cream ASAP. And it was ice cream that I got. From the one and only world’s largest dairy store. Sorry for the blurry picture. My phone was fogging from the humidity and I was also trying to take a picture as quickly as possible so I could dig in.

After all of the eating that I did, I realized I had to do something a little active. It is bikini season, after all. Sooo learning to dance was the best I could do in the sweltering heat. I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance and they started advertising for “National Dance Day.” This is something that an organization called the Dizzy Feet foundation puts together every year. They get pro’s to choreograph a few levels of dances on video each year so that the nation can learn them and preform them on National Dance Day. This year it’s on Saturday July 28th. This year there’s an easy zumba inspired routine and there’s also a hip hop master class for the more accomplished dancers out there. I went for the easy one, of course. And it was a splendid workout 🙂 Now everyone get moving. Click here for the routines!

Needless to say, after all of that eating and dancing, I was EXHAUSTED!! And that’s when I got to sit down and watch one of my favorite kids movies. Now, I know I originally said that I was going to watch a season of one of my favorite cartoons but that proved to be a little more time consuming that I expected. So I replaced it with my absolute favorite newish Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog. If  you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. Between the songs, the plot, and the simple yet beautiful animation, I can’t get enough. I must have watched it 10+ times since I bought it on DVD a year ago. What better to do on a thunder filled summer night than watch a firefly from the bayou sing songs of love to his newly found frog friends? Brilliant, I tell you!!!

So that’s a wrap for today. There are officially 5 more days until my birthday and so much left to do. Will it happen? Tune in to find out! But in the meantime, here’s the grand tally!

  1. Start writing a book
  2. Have a mocktail party
  3. Cook a 5 course meal (no cheating)
  4. Get a pet
  5. Eat ice cream for lunch/dinner
  6. Watch a season of one of my favorite cartoons
  7. Dye my hair
  8. Play a prank
  9. Start learning a new language
  10. Be in a reality show
  11. Write a letter to my future self
  12. Confront a fear
  13. Go 24 hours media free
  14. Buy a pair of SUPER high heals … and successfully wear them without falling
  15. Get a massage
  16. Learn a dance
  17. Go to a drive in theater
  18. Take a class in something I’ve always wanted to do
  19. Figure out my family tree
  20. Complete a scavenger hunt

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