21 Days – Baking, Writing, Sleuthing and a Whole Lotta Traffic

My oh my what a whirlwind 4 days it has been! But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a wonderful 4 days even despite the fact that my mom and I have sat through something like 8 hours of traffic in the last 48 hours. Don’t worry, I have certainly not forgotten about my 21 day challenge. I have a whole 4 more things that have been crossed off my list since Monday and now I’m  very excited to report on them all.

So on Tuesday after a yoga-induced inspiration, I started searching my family tree online (as I’m utterly dependent on the internet and am unaware of any other means of information gathering – see #14). I haven’t really started to delve into researching my distant family yet but I have been able to unearth some interesting documents. My grandmother is from Germany and I found lots of original immigration documents! I’m incredibly interested in this now. I feel like there are so many answers in the past that I am completely unaware of. So I’m excited to see what else I can find…

This week’s excitement factor began to increase on Wednesday when my mom and I took an impromptu trip into NYC to see a show. Road trip? CHECK! 2 hours of traffic included. Anyway, we chose to give Disney’s “Newsies” a try. Let me tell you, it was so much fun. The songs are incredibly catchy and the cast was fantastic. Even more fantastic when I realized that 4 of the dancers were So You Think You Can Dance alums. Is anyone else as obsessed with that show as I am?? It’s becoming a serious problem. Hence my soon-to-be attempt at learning to dance (see #17). Side note – don’t wear a dress you can’t breathe in into the city on a summer night after a long day at work. But that’s another story for another day.

And now onward to Thursday!! It was an incredibly exciting day. Though it meant another hike into NYC and another 3 hours of traffic (don’t even ask), I had the BEST experience taking my very first baking/cake decorating class. We headed in for girl’s day part II to kick off her birthday week and to celebrate mine a bit early as I’ve still got a week and a half. I learned how to work with fondant which is quite finicky, let me tell you. Here are things you can’t do with fondant: look at it, touch it, breathe on it, hover over it, smile at it … and the list goes on. Kind of like my sister which may be why I was so good at dealing with it. Here are a few pictures of the adventure:

I now have two giant beautiful cakes up for grabs 🙂 Anyone interested?

Today today today was another big day. I started writing a book and cannot be more thrilled about it. 99.9% chance that it will never go anywhere but the fact that I’m writing it is more than I ever thought I would do. I won’t say anything else now for fear of jinxing myself (it is Friday the 13th after all). Now I’m off to movie and pizza but here’s the tally as of right now:

  1. Start writing a book
  2. Have a mocktail party
  3. Cook a 5 course meal (no cheating)
  4. Get a pet
  5. Eat ice cream for dinner
  6. Watch a season of one of my favorite cartoons
  7. Take a road trip
  8. Dye my hair
  9. Play a prank
  10. Start learning a new language
  11. Be in a reality show
  12. Write a letter to my future self
  13. Confront a fear
  14. Go 24 hours media free
  15. Buy a pair of SUPER high heals … and successfully wear them without falling
  16. Get a massage
  17. Learn a dance
  18. Go to a drive in theater
  19. Take a class in something I’ve always wanted to do
  20. Figure out my family tree
  21. Complete a scavenger hunt

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