21 Days – “Reality”

Summer is here. The heat is here. The AC is on. And I definitely have lost my mind. Why? Because I went to the gym…in the heat. The gym which is not properly ventilated. Woe is me. Though I am now comfortable nestled into bed, the post-gym scene was slightly chaotic/traumatic.  It included sticking my face in the freezer and promptly hurling myself into the pool. Needless to say, today I wished I had a letter from my future self. But that won’t happen anytime soon. So today I’m writing a letter TO my future self (although it also works for my past and present self as well).

And now on to the letter…

Dear past/present/future self,

ou may or may not be old and gray now but I bring you a few messages from your youth. Like a time capsule, these are the top 10 things you should be remembering now matter where or when you’re reading this.

  • There is always room for dessert chocolate
  • Keep calm and have a Harry Potter marathon
  • Always travel with an umbrella
  • Keep your friends close and enemies FAR far away
  • When in doubt, take a child’s advice because they undoubtedly have the answer
  • Look where you’re walking … and wear shoes in the basement at all times
  • Music: play it, listen to it, live it
  • Do something absolutely ridiculous at least once a month
  • Keep traveling until you can’t travel any more!!
  • Put your family first and you will always SMILE 🙂

Now go and make amazing things happen. Because it’s in you and don’t let anyone tell you anyone differently!!

A reality show

Yesterday I also completed another item off my list. With the help of my sister, I was in a reality show! Not anyone you’ve ever heard of. It’s not one I’ve ever heard of either. In fact, it’s completely and totally original. I haven’t gotten around to editing it yet and unfortunately I can’t upload a preview without either putting it on youtube first or getting a wordpress video upgrade but not to fear, I’ll figure something out. When I do you will all be the first to know. Coming soon to a computer near you (well…right in front of you).

  1. Start writing a book
  2. Have a mocktail party
  3. Cook a 5 course meal (no cheating)
  4. Get a pet
  5. Eat ice cream for dinner
  6. Watch a season of one of my favorite cartoons
  7. Take a road trip
  8. Dye my hair
  9. Play a prank
  10. Start learning a new language
  11. Be in a reality show
  12. Write a letter to my future self
  13. Confront a fear
  14. Go 24 hours media free
  15. Buy a pair of SUPER high heals … and successfully wear them without falling
  16. Get a massage
  17. Learn a dance
  18. Go to a drive in theater
  19. Take a class in something I’ve always wanted to do
  20. Figure out my family tree
  21. Complete a scavenger hunt

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