My Friend Called Lazy

So I know this is a few days overdue since it’s now Friday but I’m going to post it anyway because I had the world’s most productive day on Tuesday. You all need to know just how proud I am of it. For the last month I’ve been oh so very LAZY. Sleep, work, eat, repeat. But there are some things that I’ve been neglecting even though I’ve had loads of time. For example:

  • Cleaning my room and, well, unpacking the remainder of my things from Switzerland: It has been a month. A WHOLE MONTH that the last few of my bags have been sitting on my bedroom floor.
  • Going to the gym: Maybe I haven’t been neglecting this, per se, but I have not been working out with the vigor that I used to.
  • Keeping in touch with people: Yes this is bad. But I am oh so lazy. I profusely apologize to anyone who hasn’t heard from me in the last month. I still love you but your friend here is TERRIBLE at keeping up with people. I’m so so so so sorry and will be catching up with EVERYONE who I have missed so much in the next few days.

What is stopping me from actually doing something useful in my free time? I have no clue. Well actually I do have a clue. There’s this little monster that lives in my house. His names is lazy.

But I believe lazy can be beat by an equally ferocious beast whose name is momentum (if not just by eating a few chocolate chips). Tuesday showed me that!

I woke up that morning with the intention to go to the gym and maybe, just maybe, do some ironing. Then a thought crossed my mind. It was my day off. I was home alone in a quiet, empty house. There was no way I could just sit around all day. The scene was set. So I crouched over a sticky note on my kitchen table with a pen that had seen better days and began to write a to-do list, fully acknowledging that this was likely more of a wish list. But a girl can dream.

First thing was first. Hit the gym. I’ve always found that it’s great to start rather than end my day with the gym. I enjoy literally hitting the ground running. And I tend to lose motivation as the day goes on. So I pulled my hair back, laced up my shoes and headed down the road. There was no stopping me. Until I turned the corner into the parking lot. It was completely full. At 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. Who in their right mind?? Whatever. I circled a few times and was THIS CLOSE to heading straight home and putting my pajamas back on. But no, I said to myself. You’ve come this far. So I stayed persistent, circled a few more times and there it was. The shining beacon of hope and soon to be monument of exhaustion. An open space.

Roughly 60 minutes and 10 miles later, I was feeling great. But a little lagging in fluids and essential nutrients. So I headed for the supermarket searching for a post workout pick-me-up. Usually after a workout I like to have some chocolate milk, carrot sticks and hummus, or a piece of fruit. But I was craving something a little more substantial. Like a cookie. But I was not about to ruin everything I just worked for. It was then that I remembered a recipe for an unconventional deep dish cookie pie that I had seen on a blog a while ago. Unconventional because it’s made with, wait for it, chickpeas, a little sugar, applesauce and some other weird yet delicious ingredients (including chocolate chips…I was a happy girl). No eggs, no flour. is a wonderful blog full of healthy and vegan recipes and when Katie posted this one, I vowed to try it one day. But I didn’t have the means…or the guts to do it. That is, until Tuesday. It was the momentum, I’m telling you! A can of chickpeas later, this miracle happened in my kitchen and boy was it incredible:

Click here for Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe!!

Fueled and ready to go, I looked at my list. Next up: laundry, ironing and watering the plants. I don’t know how or why but to me having 100 small tasks to do always seems more daunting than one large task. Anyhow, before I knew it all three were checked off and I was on a roll. Maybe it was the chocolate chips. But I’m going to chalk it up to my incredible will power.

Last on the list was straightening up the pig pen that was my room. I started with unpacking the last few of my suitcases. Do not mock me until you’ve had to unpack 4 months worth of clothes ranging from business attire to hiking gear for siberian temperatures (or something like that). One thing led to another which led to another. Soon enough my drawers were color coded, all the clothes in my closets were hung in order of height and my bathroom cabinet was cleaned and is now usable for the first time in something like 10 years. Yes, it was the momentum that kept me motivated and it was the momentum that dragged my body down toward the kitchen where I then made dinner for the family.

PHEW. What a day. I sat down at the end of it and couldn’t help but realize that there’s only one way to relax after a long day of productivity and that’s with just a little laziness.


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