Hiking Adventure (Not Exactly the Alps)

This weekend marked the official start of my summer. The pool is open, the weather is heating up, lemonade has yet again become a permanent fixture in my refrigerator, my internship has started, and I’ve completed my first hike of the season. I think all I’m missing now is our first trip for Micalizzi’s italian ice. But don’t rush me! Anyway, back to the hike.

On Sunday my dad and I ventured northbound to Meriden, Connecticut – home of TONS of hiking trails that are perfect for a beautiful summer afternoon. The trail took us up Chauncey Peak. Way up. All the way up a 300 foot vertical rocky incline. In 85 degree weather and 100% humidity. Good thing I bought a summer gym membership (I’m starting to feel the chocolate a little). Why do guide books think it’s funny to take advantage of innocent hikers? Not to fear, we made it. We were on top of the world! Or on top of Connecticut at least…

Who knew Connecticut was so beautiful?? I gotta tell ya, I was expecting to be underwhelmed after my oversees adventures but I’m learning that there’s so much here that I’ve yet to explore. I’ve lived in the US for 16 of my 20 years and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been to more countries than I have states. And that’s exactly why I’m blogging again. Because you don’t have to be abroad to explore what this world has to offer. Sometimes the most beautiful things are right in your back door. You just have to be brave enough to look beyond the walls of your cubicle!


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